Joycebelle Edelbrock, author, publisher, writing and information marketing consultant, naturalist, and at holiday time - Grandma Claus . . . 

“Stories are precious treasures to me,” Joycebelle states. “My aim in life is to help youth focus on good, say, 'I can,' showcase their talents, including reading and writing wonderful creative stories, and manifest goodness in their lives and the world. How can we do this? Give kids good stories daily and share ideas, dreams, and goals with them.”

Joycebelle has lived a dream-filled life by many people’s standards. She has traveled the world, had as her playmates – adorable and playful sea otters, ancient manatees, and the shy but remarkable giant octopus and worked for herself most of her life. As a mother she managed to provide for her children but still attend all of their many activities. Her home was always open to children from tiny tots to teens.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a mother even during my children’s teenage years,” she adds in retrospect. "And what I liked most was story time. I think I got that from my mother. From the time I can remember I most enjoyed sitting at her knee and listening to her read stories to our family everyday.” While Joycebelle was growing up there were no TVs, no computers, no iPods, not even tape recorders or talking books. Once she became computer literate in 1990 – writing stories became a passion of hers and has remained so ever since.
 Joycebelle, founder of Goodstoryaday and,
is the author of 16 newly released children’s books. 

She is a publisher and producer of business books, out-of-the-box idea consultant to NY Times best-selling authors, and coaches thousands of authors (children and adults) in writing, publishing and marketing.

As a mother and former teacher, she cherishes children. Her innovative thinking gives authentic child likeness to her children’s books which she has packaged so children fall in love, not only with her stories and activities related to them, but with reading itself.  She makes reading fun in every aspect of the word by publishing children’s books as Talking Animated Picture Electronic Storybooks in three classifications: fairy tales, fun word books and real life adventures.

Each flash movie (eVideo) is bundled as a good storybooks read-for-fun gift pack consisting of the ebook and audio book editions, add on reading supplements with stories about the stories, flashcards and Q&A games and fun eActivities including coloring pages, to print and make posters, mobiles, finger puppets, party decorations and much more. In fact, her children’s books plus all the extras sell kids on reading for fun! Whether a child is a non-reader, slow reader or excellent reader, they read along, read more, and love it.

Joycebelle was a non-reader until she was in the 6th grade and never felt comfortable reading aloud to others until late in life. Now, she has dedicated her life to seeing that children read for fun and love it.

On a budget?  You’ll be delighted at the low cost and high value which the author offers you. During the holiday season each year she plays Grandma Claus to the delight of children around the world and this year she is offering her works as low as 93% off retail and provides a way in which unemployed parents and deployed military parents can give them free to their children. See Free.

Her stories are all based on good ideas and qualities
  that help make kids feel happy! Joycebelle’s life has
  been filled with exciting adventures including diving with
  Jacques-Yves Cousteau and National Geographic
  expeditions and filming and writing about many
  fascinating sea critters including sea otters, manatee,
  giant octopus, turtles, whales, dolphins and many more.
  She constructed an educational program for world
  famous San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. Her love of
  animals, travel and adventure is reflected in her stories.

See for more information about Joycebelle and her founding of and 

  Her motto is . . .
          "Kids, catch the happy reading habit and feel the joy!"

  Her dedication is . . . 
           Enriching the World - One Child, One Story, One Day at a Time!



  Comments about Joycebelle

“Joycebelle taught me how to refine, publish, and market my books. I had the knowledge, but she taught me how to be an expert.” ~ Pat Burns, Author of Grandparents Rock and co-founder of Orange County Children’s Book Festival                           top

“When it comes to a brilliant creative mind, a loving heart and a caring person, Joycebelle is exactly that. She tenderly nurtures her students and delights in telling wild and wonderful stories to children. I have lived and worked all over the world and have found few people who have so much to give.” Tulshi Sen, international trade entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and author of Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World., ~
Tulshi Sen - Toronto Canada/India

“Articles by Joycebelle on reading are the most important articles you’ll ever find about how to get your kids to read better and love it. Really, Really Love Reading.  If your kids love to read, your kids will become Better Readers and Read for Fun. It’s automatic.” ~ Lu Ann Brobst Staheli, M.Ed. Reading specialist

“As a novice writer, I am ever so grateful to learn from Joycebelle, teacher extraordinaire.   She has incredible insight into my work, suggesting just the right words to convey my message.  She takes a genuine interest in my success as an author and infopreneur, and always seems to be delighted in helping me succeed.  Her goodness comes through her teaching style.  At the end of every class, I find I am bursting with ideas and motivation.” ~ Wanda Hatton, Author, Sixty Is the New Forty

“What I have appreciated most from you is your dedication. You have been willing to sacrifice your time and energy to help . . . I am amazed at your wealth of knowledge and your professionalism. You have years of experience in helping others become successful, and I feel it a privilege to have had the opportunity of learning from you. I have especially needed and appreciated your encouragement. You've reminded us often to just do a little every day, to think positively, and to ignore any negative voices inside us. I learned and accomplished an incredible amount as I listened to your phone calls each week. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge so willingly.” ~
Lori Conger, Author of My Squishy Pants

“Joycebelle, my life is changed because of you. Thank you for your patient tutoring; your example of beautiful femininity; your ingenuity and persistence; your loving demeanor, and your generosity. It has touched me and helped me to think of ways I can be more like you and think more of those around me.” ~ Roslyn Romney Reynolds, Founder, Sisters In Hope, Finding Hope in Healing, Solace in Service, and Faith in the Future After Loss, Author, Solo -Getting It All Together When You Find Yourself Alone soon to be available at  email 

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